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This is the same thing as Google, but its called “Blackle” ‘cause the site’s in all black! By making it black, they have saved over 883,277.689 watt hours! Check it out!


This is a link to another website that have found some awesome places on the web to help you stop global warming!


This is a website of some other Cool Kids that are trying to tell you about how kids can save the planet, just like us!


This site has TONS of really cool, easy suggestions on how you can help stop global warming!


This site has another group of kids reminding you to recycle and be smart with your use of energy!


This site is about a penguin called Tiki. I advise you scroll to the bottom of the page, and then you can choose from the contents. It even talks about methane from cows! Also, I think you should go to the top left, and click “Navigate Tiki's Site”, or “My Website Map”. Then you can check out even more stuff.


This is a website that goes more in depth on the topic of vegetarianism.


This is a website that goes more in depth on the topic of vegetarianism (it’s much like the link mentioned above this).


This is the website for the Nanosolar company which manufactures a new kind of solar panel using nano technology.


This website goes into more detail about all the thing that contribute to global warming.


This is the website of the KPBS Company. This link to one of their articles carefully explains their idea of how global warming will affect San Diego in the “grim near future” as they call it.


This is a five-question survey from the San Diego Birch Aquarium about your opinions on global warming!


At this site, there are funny little animated puppet shows that try to explain global warming in more of a kid-friendly way (warning: can get VERY annoying).


“We just came across this amazing web tool last week. At first we thought it was a bit depressing, but then we decided it's a great motivator to remind us all of the limited time we have to make positive change. Watch population growth, CO2 emissions, oil depletion, desertification and more all on one screen and all in real time. This web tool assesses the statistics related to these issues in one time and in one place. Let it blow your mind and motivate you to step up your efforts.“ -Organic Consumer Association. To look at this amazing tool, click here.

This is a site with things that allow you to calculate how much carbon you, your family, and even your school are producing!


This site goes to another website that thoroughly explains everything (well, ALMOST everything…) there is to know about global warming


Here is a site on vegetarianism.


This site tells you how not eating meat saves the world.


Here is another link much like the one above.


More on meat and global warming.


This site has some good facts on meat footprints.


These guys have a by meal/emissions calculator on their website. Good way to get get statistics - references a good book with statistics.


A site with many details about the connection between eating meat and global warming.


A site much like the one above with numerous statistics with references.


A Link to the United Nations Report - Livestock's Long Shadow


Another good article on not eating meat.


Climate Analysis Indicator Tools - Has data on greenhouse gas emissions, sortable by countries, types of gases, sectors, years


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Flow Chart - Shows Breakdown of greenhouse gases by sector, End Use/Activity and what Gas is created


This article by Gidon Eshel and Pamela A. Martin. It's very technical article with calculations of the amounts of greenhouse gases emissions from various diets.


This article by Steve Boyan says you should not eat ANY animal product from a factory. He explains about 10 people could be fed with the grain that you would feed a cow that would be turned into food for one person and other such facts.


Written by Rachel and Nadya