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Quotes & Comments


"If you only do one thing to help slow global warming, that thing should be cutting down on eating meat or, better still, cutting it out and going vegetarian".

From Tiki the Penguin- tiki.oneworld.net



We got an email recently from a heartening project put together by a group of kids participating as a team in a Lego competition. Does that sound weird or just really fun? I imagine I could have had a lot of fun with a Lego engineering competition in junior high school. What brought these kids, who call themselves the Cool Kids, to contact the PB&J Campaign is that each year of the Lego competition has a theme, and this one is “climate connections.”
The Cool Kids have decided to highlight the impact eating meat has on global warming. I’d like it if they’d also include the impacts of other animal products (doesn’t do much good to have people throw away chicken for cheese) and maybe de-emphasize the alternative of going completely vegetarian, but it’s great to see kids taking action by addressing a problem most of our environmental movement is neglecting to publicize. I’ll encourage them to get in touch with national press to get the word out - every extra voice helps.

From the Blog of pbjcampaign.org