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Rachels Bio


My name is Rachel and I am 13 years old. I’m an average- Joe living in San Diego, California with my friends and family (not to brag or anything, but my friends are the best on earth and I will always win that argument). I have been doing First Lego League with our team, the Sandy Lego Beachbots for two years. If you read the “Our History” page, then you would know that last year was my first year and our team one 1st place in the Legoland tournament for all the Southern California teams! Now here’s just a bunch o’ random stuff ‘bout me. My favorite color is ocean blue. My favorite food it chocolate and my favorite candies are the sour straws and Rips. I love going to the beach and chilling with my friends on the weekends and seein' them at school on the week days. My hobbies are reading, writing, make stupid movies, seeing my friends, doing karate, and praising God. I do karate with four other members of our team (Ciara, Colin, Nadya, and Brennan) and have been doing it for five years and am currently a nei kyu (brown belt with a white stripe). At the moment, I don’t play any instruments, but my Grandpa is teaching me how to play the guitar. I can speak English (no, duh) and almost-fluent Spanish. I play volleyball, softball, and run track for my school’s team too. If you’d like to contact me, contact our team at coolkids@kidskeeptheearthcool.org and I’ll be sure to read your email!


<3 Rachel