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Fun Facts!

Here are some fun facts to tell your friends!

1. The biggest single contributor to global warming is meat and the meat industry. Thus, the easiest thing you can do to stop global warming is to simply reduce the amount of meat you eat. Every single meal you skip the ham in your sandwich will help save the world.

2. One ham sandwich has a carbon footprint of 14 to 34 grams of CO2.

3. You save massive amounts of water – 3,000 to 5,000 gallons of water for every pound of beef you don't eat!

4. Eating less meat avoids pollution of our streams and rivers better than any other single recycling effort you do.

5. You avoid making the destruction of topsoil by eating less meat.

6. Destruction of tropical forest is caused by meat production.

7. According to "How Our Food Choices can Help Save the Environment" by Steve Boyan, a PhD in Political Sciences- An average car produces 3 kg/day of CO2 and the production of one hamburger produces 75 kg of CO2.

8. Also according to "How Our Food Choices can Help Save the Environment" by Steve Boyan, a PhD in Political Sciences- Eating one pound of hamburger does the same damage as driving your car for more than three weeks.

9. By eating less meat you reduce the amount of methane gas produced.

10. By eating less meat you also reduce the destruction of wildlife habitat, and help to save endangered species.

11. According to “Diet, Energy, and Global Warming,” by Gidon Eshel and Pamela A. Martin of the University of Chicago, if you reduce your meat consumption by only 6 meatless days a month the energy saved will be equivalent to that saved when you switch from driving a sedan car to a hybrid vehicle!!!

12. Other things you can do include, using florescent light bulbs, closing the refrigerator door quickly, using energy efficient appliances, and turning off your computers and similar appliances when not in use.

13. Not eating meat will make you healthier. Vegetarians are less likely to get sick. They have a lower chance of getting cancer having heart attacks and most other illnesses. They also tend to be thinner.

14. Not eating meat will help to stop starvation. Meat is very energy inefficient. It takes 10 times as much grain to feed a pig, then feed a person the pig, as to simply have the person eat the grain themselves.

15. Tens of millions of animals are killed every day to feed us. These animals are just as intelligent as any other and are raised until they are fat and then slaughtered. If you stopped eating meat it would not cause tons of meat to rot away, the meat industry would simply stop producing.

Written By Brennan, Ciara, and Sarah