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Ocean Odyssey Song


Fossil fuel is organic remains of long ago
covered with mud and rock it makes oil, gas, and coal.
Burning these fossil fuels
for our electricity
makes more greenhouse gases a reality.

Greenhouse gases let sunlight come in.
Greenhouse gases don’t let energy go out.
This creates the global warming
talked about in our reporting
also known as the greenhouse effect.

The gases that make up the greenhouse gas
come from water vapor, C-O-2, and grass
"from cows as methane!"
Coming in they are transparent
to sunlight that's in the air but
they absorb the radiant heat from the earth.

The response is warmer winds and rising seas
The poles and icy mountains will unfreeze
Life is rearrangin'
and our planet is a changin',
Soon LaJolla will be drownin', o-oh please! oh no!
The water’s getting warmer all the time
Ocean levels getting higher - it’s a crime!
Coral’s dying all around us,
toxic algae will confound us,
and erosion will be causing us to climb.

The ice caps are melting at unchecked rates
Causing animals and such to meet their fates
The penguins must hunt harder,
for the krill are getting smaller,
Floods and hurricanes are frequent as of late.

Heat from fossil fuels turns water into steam
Steam turns turbines for power, so it seems
When fossil fuels are gone
where will we get our steam?
Find a solution or life may go downstream.

We must use resources that are renewable
Instead of depending on fossil fuel.
Solar, wind and hydro power
can all be used again.
There is also energy from the ocean.

Unlike the energy from wind and sun
We can predict when the ocean will run.
Wave, tidal, thermocline,
current and gradient of salinity
are five ways to get energy from the sea.

Wave energy generates electricity
By the up-and-down motion of the sea.
In Isle of Islay, Scotland
they use wave energy,
to make 5 mega-watts commercially.

With tidal power the tide goes up and then declines
into a system of water turbines.
France and Nova Scotia
are two locations
with commercial-sized plants in operation.

Take the surface and the deep water temperatures
If the difference 25 degrees Celsius measures
This is thermocline energy
used in Japan and Hawaii.
Small scale designs are producing electricity.
Swift currents moving close to the shore
are a way to make energy forevermore.
Using salt water and fresh
water's different density
is power from gradient of salinity.

We have designed an offshore platform for the task.
Although building it will be a lot to ask.
It uses current and wave energy
and also gradient of salinity,
to harvest lots of power from the sea.

The salinity gradient generators are in a ring.
They also filter minerals and harmful things
Lots of pistons on the sea floor,
lots of turbines on the platform bottom
from fossil fuels will give us freedom.