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Birch Aquarium, Climate Change Exhibit.

In search of more facts on climate change we visited the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, California. We visited the climate change section where we went over the many displays and videos, all on the topic of global warming. We even tried out their make-shift news room. From all the facts we learned here are just a few…

• The U.S. receives enough sunlight to meet it's total electricity demand 10 times over with solar power.

• Spring is arriving sooner and Fall is being pushed later, which gives us a longer dry season.

• 2006 was the warmest year on record.  The 10 hottest years have all occured since 1990.

• Greenhouse gases trap in a lot of radiated heat, making a lot of extra heat and wildfires.

• In over 650,000 years, CO2 in our atmosphere has never gone above 300 parts per million.  Now it's at 380 parts per million.

Although these events are affecting everyone very few people choose to do any thing about it. In fact, most people just choose to ignore these theories, as many people call them. But! Global warming, or climate change, is no theory. In all actuality it is a proven fact and is affecting the world today.

Written By Colin